Instructions for Participating in HSFOL

Step 1 – About HSFOL

Read this section on the website for a general overview before proceeding.

Step 2 – Registering

The registration process indicates the number of teams you require.  Teams are made up of 4 students; but we do not record student names.

Visit the Registration page of HSFOL and complete all fields on the form.

  • Should you not provide MAWA with a team name, MAWA will use generic team names, which can be changed at any time by you; and 
  • Please note that team names are not the same as login details.

Once you click the Register button, an email is sent to MAWA in order to create an invoice, and approve the creation of your team account/s. This will enable the HSFOL Support Team to create all your team accounts.

Step 3 – Team Accounts

Once the HSFOL Support Team have created your team/s, an email is sent to you with your newly created team names and the appropriate competition password/s (see Step 4). Please note that all old team accounts from previous terms are deleted at the end of every competition.

HSFOL Support Team’s email to you will detail the team name, login & password. e.g., Team Name – Cougars, Login – Sample1, Password – multiply. Year 6 Comp enrolment key = clock. Note that there is a separate code for each year level competition.

Upon receiving these details you are required to login to each team and change the password, so please take the time to record the new password somewhere safe.

Step 4 – Selecting Team Competitions

Once you are logged in and have changed your password, please return to the Home page, and under the Available Competitions heading, you need to select the competition/s you elected to participate in and enter the enrolment key/s, which you would have received in Step 3.

Step 5 – Competing

Once the HSFOL competition is available, the student team can then access the quiz. Each round is available for the whole week. The competition you enrolled them in will be displayed at the right hand side of the screen as My Competitions. The team will need to click on the competition, and then choose the round applicable; e.g., Week 1 – Round 1.

Students should then read the Guide for Students notes, then click on the Attempt Quiz Now button when ready to commence the round.

The competition only stays open for one hour, and must be completed in one go. Once all 10 answers have been entered, click on the Next button at the foot of the page.

Calculators are permitted, but not mobile devices.

Step 6 – Review

Once the round is finished and submitted, students can check their results. As competitions finish, the results in each round for all participating teams can be viewed on the League Table.

Trouble Shooting

If you have omitted to record your new password, please click on the Password Reset Tool link, and an email will be sent to you. Password resets can take up to 24 hours, if you have not recieved a response after this time please check your spam folders.

If you experience serious difficulties you must use the Trouble Ticket system on the website to get help.

Please note that HSFOL have a Support Team to assist you via email, so please do not call MAWA or Websmart for any technical assistance. MAWA should only be contacted for payment issues.

Final Notes

MAWA advises that once the competition has started, should you withdraw from the competition no credit will be issued.

Last modified: Friday, 15 February 2019, 2:08 PM