HSFOL is conducted by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) and is endorsed by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT). It is a maths quiz of NAPLAN-type problems for year-level teams of four students. HSFOL is designed to foster mathematical problem solving for students in Years 3-10 across Australia.

The competition consists of three rounds of 10 questions, where student teams have one hour to complete each round of questions. Each round is accessible on the HSFOL website for one week, and rounds are a week apart.

Teams can log on at any time during each set week and have an hour to complete each round. However, completion time is important, because in the case of ties for any of the first three places, the winner will be the team that took the least time to complete all three rounds. Calculators are permitted, but not mobile devices and use one font size throughout.

All team members will receive a participation certificate, which will be emailed to your teacher. All student team winners will receive a MAWA place-getter’s certificate with applicable prizes, and all team results are listed online so that results between teams and between schools can be compared. The top three place-getters are shown in the League Table, and there are prize vouchers for each student in theses three teams: First Place = 4 x $25, Second Place = 4 x $15, and Third Place = 4 x $10.

Please Note: Schools are encouraged to enter multiple teams at each year level, but only one of each school’s two or more teams in that year level can win a prize.

Try the sample practice questions to see what the quiz will be like.

Hope you have sum fun on line!

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